10 Rules for Restaurants

I love restaurants, but not all are as user-friendly as they should be.  After years of eating in them – including during the time I had young children – I’ve come up with a few pet peeves or “rules” on how waiters and restaurant operators can make life better for customers.

But courtesy is a two-way street which is why I added “Rules for customers” at the bottom of the article.

1. Feed kids immediately

As every parent knows, when a child’s blood sugar level gets too low, they become irritable. It happens to adults too but children can be particularly susceptible and can’t always articulate how they are feeling.  The solution is simple. Give them something – almost anything – to eat right away.  When a family has to wait for a table, a quick simple snack – even cracker or a piece of bread – can make all the difference and when the family sits at the table, always ask the parent (not the child) if they would like you to bring something right way.

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