16 Handles Opens in the Middle East

16 Handles Opens in the Middle East

16 Handles Opens in the Middle East(RestaurantNews.com16 Handles is proud to announce the opening of three new locations in Saudi Arabia. This is part of a development deal that calls for 150 stores to open in the Mideast over the next 10 years. 16 Handles founder/CEO Solomon Choi says “the Middle East is a great opportunity for the company to bring frozen yogurt to a year-round hot climate. Right now as much of the US is starting to feel the Fall weather set in, temperatures in Saudi Arabia are hovering in the 100’s during the day. What better way to cool off than a cool treat?”

Choi, and the team that was awarded the master franchise rights (Abu Issa Marketing and Distribution, LLC), have already looked at 30 potential locations in Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Qatar. The first three locations opening are in Saudi Arabia. They are in the Haifaa Mall (Jeddah), Tala Mall (Riyadh) and Roshana Mall (Jeddah).

There will be some differences between the 16 Handles here in the states and those in the Middle East. Custom flavors for the region like Baklava, Turkish Roast Coffee, and Pistachio will appear alongside classic 16 Handles flavors such as Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Fudge Brownie, Salted Caramel and more. Fresh juices, coffee/tea, cakes and other plated desserts will also be available.

The company worked with leading global design company, Zebra to help the brand smoothly set-up shop in the Middle East. Zebra has designed projects globally including Shake Shack and PF Changs. The firm has expertise in translating the experience of western brands within the cultural framework of countries throughout the Middle East.

Choi says, “We worked with the designers to create an upscale café environment and to provide ample seating since most families go to the malls several times a week for several hours at a time to escape the heat.”

Opening Date: November 2nd
Haifaa Mall
Madinah Road, Palestine Intersection, Western, Jeddah Saudi Arabia
+966 12 290 8636

Opening Date: November 4th
Tala Mall
King Abdul Aziz Road, Exit 5, intersecting with North Ring Road, Central, Riyadh Saudi Arabia
+966 12 616 2222

Opening Date: TBA
Roshana Mall
Tahlia Street, Al Andalus, Jeddah
+966 56 270 0265

About 16 Handles

16 Handles was started in 2008 in New York City’s first self-serve frozen yogurt and is currently the number one frozen yogurt business in the city. It has since grown to 40 locations across six states, and is now expanding internationally. 16 Handles sets itself apart with unique store design, innovative marketing, artisan flavors, and over 50 toppings to choose from, ranging from your favorite candy to fresh fruit to sauces and more. They highlight individuality and customization, encouraging fans to “flaunt their flavor” both in their cups and their lives. Committed to sustainability, 16 Handles uses biodegradable packaging and spoons and the brand plants 16 trees per day through a partnership with Trees for the Future. For more information visit http://www.16handles.com, Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/16Handles) or Twitter (@16Handles).

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