1851 Celebrates Media Coverage for MOOYAH

1851 Celebrates Media Coverage for MOOYAH

Franchisee Nick DeVore covered his employees pay while the restaurant was shutdown following an auto accident.

1851 Celebrates Media Coverage for MOOYAH(RestaurantNews.com) MOOYAH Burgers, Fries and Shakes franchisee Nick DeVore dealt with a crisis situation when a drunk driver hit his restaurant just seven days prior to Christmas. Before he had a chance to take down contact information, the driver was gone. DeVore knew he was at financial risk closing down during the holiday season but agreed to take care of his employees paychecks due to the unforeseen circumstances.

“It was just the right thing to do,”  DeVore told the Knoxville News Sentinel. “I took a six weeks’ average of each employee’s pay preceding the shutdown, and used that to figure what to pay them while we were closed.”

This is typically MOOYAH’s busiest time of year with its close proximity to the local shopping center. In order to take care of his customers, DeVore and his staff passed out gift cards to those stopping by looking for a gourmet burger.

“I sure didn’t want them to think we had shut down forever,” DeVore said.

The store was packed for the re-opening with loyal customers showing support for the restaurant and praising the juicy burgers they yearned for during the reconstruction period.

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