5 Major U.S. Restaurant Brands Gunning For International Growth

The economy might still be in the tank in the United States, with consumer discretionary spending down, and the global economy may still be slumping along displaying tepid growth, if any, but as the old saying goes, “People still have to eat.”

With that in mind, many of the staples in the US restaurant business are taking their game overseas into markets still booming for new brands. Here are a few names that you might recognize, and some you might not, that are out to repeat domestic success in high-growth international markets:

McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) may be the recognized leader of US restaurant brand growth overseas, with golden arches appearing in 119 countries around the globe with locations just about right on top of famous historic sites such as the Pantheon in Rome and The Great Pyramids in Egypt. In Europe, as well, McDonald’s has made such an inroads over the past couple of decades that the street corners in every major city – and many not so major – resemble those in the United States that are surrounded by the fast food restaurant chains of your choice; namely McDonald’s.

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