6 Tips to Increase Pickup Orders at Your Restaurant

6 Tips to Increase Pickup Orders at Your Restaurant

Your customers are busy people. If they’re going to order a meal from you, they need it to be as convenient and quick as possible. So how can you increase your pick up orders by taking advantage of your customers’ need for convenience? Follow these tips and tricks!

1. Online ordering.

From banking to shopping, customers today are used to doing everything online. Why shouldn’t they be able to order dinner, too? Make sure your menu is available and easy to read online, and allow your customers to place their order and pay via your website. And be sure your website is mobile friendly…you want customers to be able to order from everywhere, including their work computers, phones, and iPads.

2. Social media.

If your fans and followers run across your status or tweet when they’re hungry and scrolling through their phone, they might just place an order. Update your social media pages with information about your daily pickup specials, as well as pictures of your menu items.

3. Easy to find contact info.

If customers can’t easily find your phone number, address, and hours, they won’t order from you. Make sure your information is prominently displayed on your website—if customers have to hunt to find it, chances are good that they’ll just give up. Make sure this information is prominently displayed on your Facebook page, as well.

4. Discounts and specials.

Try offering discounts for pickup orders, like 10% off all pickup orders or five dollars off an order over $30. But don’t just print these coupons—be sure to offer deals and promo codes on your website, too! This way, customers will see them when they visit your website to check out your menu, and hopefully it will convince them to place an order.

5. Parking spots and curbside service.

Maybe you’ve noticed that many chain restaurants emphasize pickup orders. They often have designated parking spots for takeout customers. Some restaurants even offer curbside service so customers don’t have to get out of their cars. These are great ways to make pickup orders even more convenient for your clientele.

6. Be accurate.

With pickup orders, it’s even more important than usual to be 100% accurate. You definitely don’t want your customer to get all the way home before discovering that the vegetarian pizza s/he ordered actually has pepperoni on it. Mistakes like that waste a customer’s time and ensure they won’t come back. It’s also important to make sure food is the correct temperature when you give it to the customer. After all, nobody wants to eat cold, soggy French fries.

By following these tips, you should be able to increase your pickup orders. Just be sure to keep your customers’ convenience in mind!

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