Add America’s #1 Waffles to Your Menu – It’s Quick & Easy with Golden Malted

Add America's #1 Waffles to Your Menu - It's Quick & Easy with Golden Malted

(  Golden Malted is the industry leader in providing commercial waffle irons and on-going service, as well as cost-effective waffle mixes to the world’s best restaurants, hotels, and theme parks.

With their Fresh Baked Waffle Program, Golden Malted provides heavy-duty waffle bakers on a no cost loan basis with mix use.

Golden Malted’s waffles are proven to increase guest satisfaction and are perfect for delicious breakfasts, sweet and savory chicken and waffle dishes, or decadent desserts.

Partner with the world’s largest distributor of waffle irons and mix – visit or call 888.596.4040.