AJ Maxwell’s Steakhouse Named As Restaurant.com’s Restaurant Of The Month

AJ Maxwell’s Steakhouse was named Restaurant of the Month in December by Restaurant.com. This historic restaurant, located in Rockefeller Center in downtown New York City, was nominated due to it’s great hospitality and food. Restaurant.com considers all of the qualities of a top restaurant before choosing it for it’s monthly program, and only showcases the top dining experiences. AJ Maxwell’s has been popular for many years in the city, but this is one of the first major opportunities for national exposure.

Popularity with diners, unique and quality cuisine, great ambiance, and a rich history are all the important qualities a restaurant must have before they will be chosen for “Restaurant of the Month”. Opened in 2006, AJ Maxwell’s shares the space where one of New York’s most famous restaurants, The Forume of the 12 Caesars, in downtown of Manhattan. During renovation prior to their opening, workers building the new interior for the restaurant discovered a hidden mosaic mural beneath the wall paneling, which is now one of the center points of its décor.

But the historic location is not the only reason this restaurant is so well known. Superior dining room service and top quality food combine to make AJ Maxwell’s a top dining destination in New York City. The menu features contemporary Continental style interpretations of steak house classics like sesame seed encrusted tuna and well-aged sirloin. As the Restaurant.com “Restaurant of the Month”, the steakhouse will be featured on the website’s front page and their own special page. The page explains the background of the restaurant and shows unique photos and information about the people who are responsible for the restaurant.

Restaurant.com features a new restaurant from around the country in their “Restaurant of the Month” club. Past honorees have included Philly G’s, Christopher’s at the Biltmore Fashion Park, SkyCity, Trece Mexican Kitchen, Public House and The Claddagh Irish Pub.