All New Podcast Launched For Busy Restaurant & Bar Owners Who Want To Take Their Business & Life To The Next Level

(  Unfortunately for most restaurant and bar owners these days, they are tied up working in the day to day business, where as their most valuable time should be focusing on working on growing and systematizing their business so they can enjoy life. Most owners try to find that time to read books and research the web but end up finding it’s too time consuming to find the exact answers they are looking for.

Nick Fosberg, industry author, speak, and owner of 2 bar / restaurants in the Chicagoland area has just launched Bar & Restaurant Breakthroughs – a podcast designed to give owners, operators, and managers simple to follow marketing strategies, promotions, and success secrets to create big breakthroughs in their business.

This podcast will be different then most. Each episode will only be 10-15 minutes in length versus the traditional 45-60 minute podcasts. Why?  So busy owners / managers can easily soak in the value they are after and have a easier way to know where they left off.

“I love podcasts but listening to one for 45 minutes, even 30 minutes is a challenge. Most of the time for busy owners / operators, we just don’t have that much time to ourselves. I wanted to create a podcast that would give every owner or operator the chance to actually get value from every single episode. We all want more customers, we all want more sales, we all want to spend more time away from our business and enjoy life, and that’s what this podcast will focus on!” says Nick Fosberg, host of the podcast.

This podcast is going to have a variety of episode themes. Some will be just Nick talking on a topic that his audience chooses. Others will be with successful owners / operators who will be revealing their success secrets and there’s a good line up of industry experts to share their knowledge.

During the first 2 weeks of the launch of the podcast, Nick is doing a $10,000 prize giveaway to anyone who subscribes to his podcast and leaves a review. To subscribe and sign up go to

Nick Fosberg