Anthony Bourdain Has ‘No Reservations’ About Sandra Lee, Bradley Cooper Or His Kitchen Skills

Anthony Bourdain isn’t trying to get people to like him, and that’s exactly why we adore him.

As host of Travel Channel’s ‘No Reservations,’ we’ve seen Tony eat anything and everything on his culinary adventures — and, at least once an episode, we’re also treated to his usually curse-laced rants. Consider it the sparkly candle on top of an already amazing Kwanzaa cake. (More on that in a bit …)

We caught up with the globetrotting foodie to hear more about his biggest food loves, his problems with Bradley Cooper and why a simple ‘Semi-Homemade’ cake on TV haunts his dreams.

Where would you like to go for the show that you all haven’t been yet?

Cuba. We have not been able to do it successfully. Every time we’re weeks away, closing in on actually finally making a show, some permit doesn’t come through or something goes wrong, and we are disappointed. That’s been a long frustration for me. I’d love to see it before it all changes. History is going to be happening there any minute, and I want to get there.

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