Ascent Hospitality Management Closes Fiscal Year 2024 With Record-Breaking 46 New Franchise Agreements

The parent company of Perkins Restaurant & Bakery and Huddle House expands across North America

Ascent Hospitality Management Closes Fiscal Year 2024 With Record-Breaking 46 New Franchise AgreementsAtlanta, GA  (RestaurantNews.comAscent Hospitality Management®, the parent company of Huddle House® and Perkins Restaurant & Bakery®, is proud to announce a milestone achievement, closing its fiscal year in April 2024 with an impressive 46 new signed agreements. This is an impressive increase from fiscal year 2023 and underscores the company’s robust expansion strategy and its unwavering commitment to growth and innovation.

The new deals signed in Fiscal Year 2024 will grow the Huddle House and Perkins footprints in Canada, California, West Virginia, Alabama, Florida, Texas, Virginia, Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina and more.

Over the past three years, Ascent Hospitality Management has signed over 100 franchise agreements, propelling the brand’s portfolio to more than 600 locations open or in development across the U.S. and Canada. This remarkable expansion includes both new and existing multi-unit owners, highlighting the strength and appeal of the company’s franchise brands.

“The growth of both Huddle House and Perkins Restaurant & Bakery is a reflection of our brands’ enduring appeal and our ability to adapt to the changing needs of our customers,” said James O’Reilly, CEO of Ascent Hospitality Management. “This growth reflects the tremendous success of Ascent Hospitality Management in executing its strategic vision. Our commitment to excellence and innovation is driving expansion into both major metropolitan areas and underserved markets, solidifying Ascent as a leading force in the family dining industry and bringing the beloved dining experiences to new guests across North America.”

Building on the momentum of a previous year marked by significant growth, the latest achievements reflect Ascent Hospitality Management’s dedication to introducing cutting-edge restaurant prototypes, advanced technology solutions, and a focus on fostering lifelong customer relationships.

“We are thrilled with the unprecedented growth we’ve experienced over the past fiscal year,” said Peter Ortiz, Chief Development Officer of Ascent Hospitality Management. “The record number of new franchise agreements and transfers is a testament to the strength of our brands and the confidence our franchise partners have in our vision. Our franchising program continues to be best in class and offers support for our partners to ensure their success and drive their desire to continue to grow with us.”

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Ascent Hospitality Management® is a premier multi-brand restaurant company, renowned for its leadership in nurturing and expanding legendary franchised brands. With a portfolio that includes 600 Huddle House and Perkins Restaurant & Bakery locations nationwide, Ascent Hospitality Management leverages decades of expertise from its experienced leadership team. Committed to creating an exceptional workplace, fostering lifelong customer relationships, and becoming the franchisor of choice, Ascent Hospitality Management® is dedicated to driving growth and innovation in the restaurant industry. To learn more, visit

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