Atomic Wings Invades New Jersey

Major Chicken Wings Franchise Finds a Unique Way to Expand

Atomic Wings Invades New Jersey
Atomic Wings Invades New Jersey

Montclair, NJ  (  Atomic Wings, New York’s premier buffalo chicken wings franchise, recently partnered with CAR’s Delivery, New Jersey’s up-and-coming late-night sandwich restaurant, to create their first location outside of New York.

As a college freshman knee-deep in the snow of upstate New York, with a bucket of chicken wings in his arms, Adam Lippin dreamed of bringing authentic Buffalo wings back home with him to New York City. His passion for fresh wings and great flavor blossomed into the city’s most widely-recognized chicken wings franchise, Atomic Wings. More than twenty years (and thirteen locations) later, Lippin’s dream has come true.

Atomic Wings now stretches throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, and the Hamptons. But Lippin has only begun to expand. His next stop? The “sixth borough.”

“I always swore I didn’t want to have a location in Montclair,” says Lippin, a Montclair resident for several years. But when he stumbled across CAR’s Delivery, owned by brothers AJ and Rich DiBenedetto, he was so impressed by the business that he couldn’t help but reach out to them.

CAR’s Delivery, a late-night sandwich and snack shop, specializes in the “fat sandwiches” made famous by the Rutgers University “grease trucks.” Strategically opening locations in Ramsey and Montclair (nearest to Ramapo and Montclair State University, respectively), CAR’s appeals heavily to the college-age demographic.

Lippin had just finished the legal work on express franchising for Atomic Wings, and knew that partnering with CAR’s would be the perfect fit.

“The express franchise model,” says Lippin, “is incredible because it allows you to add the power of a major brand to your existing business, without additional labor costs.” He simplifies it further. “Adding Atomic Wings to your existing business is so easy, that it’s basically a franchise for someone who doesn’t want a franchise.”

As an express franchise, Atomic Wings helps the small businesses they partner with, such as pizzerias, burger joints, and other restaurants in a multitude of ways. By bringing the power of an established brand to a local restaurant, Atomic Wings makes existing customers look at the business with fresh eyes. These businesses can also now attract a much larger customer base, increase the price point on regular orders, and add a stream of revenue they’ve never tapped into before.

“Because CAR’s now offers Atomic Wings, they can appeal to older generations who might not be familiar with their service,” says Lippin. “Appealing to customers in their thirties and forties will add a whole new dimension to their business.”

“In New Jersey, there is such a large NYC commuter population, that the demand for Atomic Wings is incredible,” says AJ DiBenedetto. “Our goal is to entice new customers with this major brand they’re familiar with, and then show them what CAR’s has to offer.”

When it comes to CAR’s and growing their business, their long-term plan is to keep opening new stores. “Adding Atomic Wings to our business was so cost-effective and easy, I don’t see why we wouldn’t bring them with us to each new location we open,” says DiBenedetto.

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