Aurelio’s Pizza Continues Growth

Aurelio's Pizza Continues GrowthAurelio’s Pizza has announced the opening of new franchise locations in Marietta, GA and North Las Vegas, NV. scheduled for June 2011. The Marietta, GA location will be the first in Georgia and the North Las Vegas, NV location will be the third in Nevada.

Joe Aurelio Jr. opened his first restaurant in 1959. He was just 26 years old at the time, and the restaurant only had four tables. It was located in Homewood, IL on Ridge Rd.

In the beginning he had plenty of repeat business because of his excellent beef sandwiches with a home cooked flavor. More and more people started trying his delicious pizzas that were made from several generations of family recipes. His hard work, dedication and delicious pizzas proved to be a recipe for success.

Over a ten year period, his humble four table restaurant grew to meet the needs of his growing customer base. What was once a very small restaurant, now occupied four storefronts and had over 150 seats. This was still not nearly enough to satisfy his hungry customers.

Joe knew that he had to expand even more. He did it by pouring everything he had into a 12000 square foot warehouse, that would be turned into a pizzeria. The odds were against him. It took a year of construction and nearly half a million dollars to complete. In January of 1977, Joe had the world’s largest pizzeria.

He could rest now that he had enough room to satisfy his hungry legion of customers, but this huge pizzeria was still not large enough. Patrons were lining up outside and they did not care how long it took to get Joe Aurellio’s famous pizza.

Joe was determined to provide only the best pizza and service. He was generous and gave back to the community and he made a place for families to gather and eat great food. His successful recipe spread and people started coming from miles around.

Today, Aurelio’s Pizza can be found in six states with 44 locations that still serve that famous one of a kind Aurelio’s Pizza.