Bennigan’s: Revolutionizing Casual Dining

Bennigan's: Revolutionizing Causal Dining
Bennigan’s CEO Paul Mangiamele

Bennigan’s entry into food service 37 years ago launched the beginning of the casual dining niche and introduced the world to a new kind of restaurant experience.

Founded in 1976 by the iconic Norman Brinker, Bennigan’s was designed to fill the gap between fast food and fine dining while being family friendly. Opening the first location in Atlanta, GA, the space featured a full service food and beverage menu offered at an affordable and high value oriented price point.

Bennigan’s grew to around 400 restaurants before filing for bankruptcy in 2008, when all of the U.S. corporate locations closed. However, the US and International franchised restaurants remained open due to Bennigan’s tenacious franchisees and supplier partners who carried the banner and proved the strength and the value of the brand.

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