Bennigan’s Taps MonkeyMedia Software to Boost Catering Business

Bennigan's Taps MonkeyMedia Software to Boost Catering Business
Bennigan's Taps MonkeyMedia Software to Boost Catering Business

Vancouver, BC  (  MonkeyMedia Software®, a provider of complete catering solutions for multi-unit restaurant operators, today announced that Bennigan’s Franchising Co. will deploy their Get Catering and Grow Sales!™ services to provide Bennigan’s franchise partners and company restaurants with an efficient, sales-building catering solution.

“Bennigan’s is coming back strong and we’re working on all fronts to increase sales and bring our legendary brand to even more guests,” said Paul Mangiamele, President & CEO of Bennigan’s Franchising Co. “The decision to work with MonkeyMedia Software was an easy one. This is a tremendous revenue producing system that every restaurant in our system can benefit from.”

Located in the U.S. and several other countries, Bennigan’s is an upbeat, chef-driven neighborhood restaurant and pub that pioneered casual dining. Bennigan’s is famous for its Irish Hospitality, meaning that portions and pours are generous, service is warm and welcoming, where our attitude is “Every Day is St. Paddy’s Day.”

“We are excited to help Paul and his team execute his strategy to drive catering revenues so no franchisee gets left behind,” said Erle Dardick, CEO, MonkeyMedia Software and author of Get Catering and Grow Sales! A Strategic Perspective for The Multi-Unit Restaurant Executive. “We will work closely with Bennigan’s to ensure the implementation of our Get Catering and Grow Sales!™ Series is as seamless as possible, and that Bennigan’s franchise owners can successfully leverage the most innovative and catering-focused services available.”

The Get Catering and Grow Sales!™ Series will provide Bennigan’s with a proven, step-by-step catering system that includes strategy, education and technology. In addition to eventually integrating with Bennigan’s POS system, MonkeyMedia Software will integrate with other third party systems, including the restaurant’s solutions for credit cards, accounting and other store reporting systems.

About Bennigan’s Franchising Company

Bennigan’s is a legendary, chef-driven neighborhood pub and the perfect place to kick back and experience the genuine spirit of Irish Hospitality. Bennigan’s serves craveable, crowd-pleasing food and a bountiful selection of ice-cold beers, specialty drinks and wines. Their menu combines longtime Bennigan’s favorites with innovative new American fare selections, with different “extra special” values offered every day of the week. Bennigan’s commitment to the welcoming, friendly and festive spirit of Irish Hospitality means that pours and portions are more generous, and that they go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver legendary experiences. Visit and

About MonkeyMedia Software

MonkeyMedia Software has developed The Get Catering and Grow Sales!™ Series consisting of strategy, education and software services specifically designed to drive catering sales in the multi-unit restaurant environment. Working closely with each customer’s executive team, MonkeyMedia Software develops catering strategies, operational programs and provides software solutions to help drive successful catering revenue channels for multi-unit restaurant operators including Einstein Bros. Bagels, Ruby Tuesday, Noah’s Bagels, McAlister’s Deli, On The Border, Boloco, Which Which, Boudin Bakeries and others. MonkeyMedia Software solutions feature a complete front-to-back system to manage sales, production and supply chain, powerful reporting for real-time visibility and results-based decision-making, a 100% web-based platform that is configured to fit a unique business process and easy integration with current web and accounting systems. For more information on MonkeyMedia Software, visit