Beware: Customers Watch Your Employees’ Every Move

Beware: Customers Watch Your Employees' Every Move

You can serve great food and great drinks, but if your service isn’t stellar, forget it. Don’t just assume your servers are doing an awesome job. Even if you don’t notice their mistakes, your customers definitely do. In fact, customers likely notice every tiny mistake your servers make! Here are a few things your servers might do that rub customers the wrong way:

Touching customers.

Your servers might think they’re being friendly by touching customers on the arm or patting them on the shoulder…but customers rarely like being touched.

Touching the rim of a glass.

This is something your servers should be trained not to do. Who wants to drink from the rim of a glass that someone else touched?

Touching silverware.

In the same vein, make sure your servers pick up silverware by the handles. Customers definitely don’t want to eat off of anything that touched someone else’s hands.

Not wiping off counters and tables.

Customers notice when your servers don’t take precautions to keep everything clean. They expect their dining surfaces to be spotless!

Letting the wine bottle touch the rim of the glass.

Depending on how long you keep your stock around, your wine bottles might be dusty or dirty. And even if they’re not, customers don’t want the bottles to touch their glasses.

Not washing hands.

This one’s a biggie. If a customer spots an employee blow his/her nose, cough, or touch something dirty and not wash his/her hands afterward, you’ll probably be dealing with a complaint or one disgusted customer.

Smelling too strong.

Are your employees loading up on cologne or perfume (or, worse, do they smell like alcohol or body odor)? Customers will notice, and they won’t like it. They want to smell their food, not their server!

Having personal conversations.

Do your employees have a habit of loudly gossiping or complaining within earshot of customers? This doesn’t exactly set a great mood. Customers want to focus on their meals, not overhear any drama.

Using profanity.

Even if your bar or restaurant is super casual, you still never know who will be offended by profanity.

So what can you do to make sure your employees don’t make a bad impression? They key is training. Even great employees make mistakes sometimes, so be sure to give your staff thorough training. Remember: customers are watching your employees’ every move!

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