Both Z-One and Z-Two Restaurants Achieve FSM 22000 Food Safety Certification

Both Z-One and Z-Two Restaurants Achieve FSM 22000 Food Safety Certification
Z-Two Restaurant & Lounge, Staten Island, NY

Two Staten Island restaurants recognized for meeting the highest standards in food safety, quality and service set forth by ISO/FSM 22000

Staten Island, NY  (  G-PMC Registrars, a quality management certification body announced today it approved two more establishments for food safety management practices. Staten Island-based Z-One Dine & Lounge ( as well Z-Two Lounge ( have both achieved FSM 22000 certification, the nation’s most robust food safety standard ensuring consumer trust in the storage, preparation and serving of food in restaurants. FSM 22000 certification ensures the restaurant meets the nation’s highest food safety standards, and has passed third party audits and quality-based inspections.

Z-One and Z-Two are both premier restaurants in Staten Island suitable for any occasion as a diner, bar, and night club all in one. Both restaurants are known by locals for crafting mouth-watering food and providing outstanding service from breakfast and lunch to carefully crafted dinners 24 hours. Their menus offer steak, seafood, chicken, wraps, panini’s, salads and other American food from breakfast to dessert. Z-One is located at 1821 Richmond Ave, Staten Island, and Z-Two is located at 2925 Veterans Road West Staten Island, NY.

Both Z-One and Z-Two were presented the certificates last week by Daryl Guberman, CEO of G-PMC Registrars, an authorized certification body for FSM 22000. Guberman was accompanied by Dr. Ray Mullin, an honorary advisor for the American Board of Accredited Certifications (ABAC™) which oversees FSM 22000 registration companies, auditors and consultants.

Earlier in the week, two other prominent NYC establishments was also recognized for FSM 22000 food safety and quality. Historic Fraunces Tavern, one of the oldest restaurant’s in the country, and Fino’s Ristorante Italiano. a well-known landmark on Wall Street have both passed the requirements set forth by the FSM 22000 standard. According to Guberman, the certificates will be displayed on the walls of all four restaurants. Hundreds of other restaurants are expected to be presented with FSM 22000 over the next few months. Guberman said the company currently has auditor positions available for those will restaurant management experience to work as independent contractors. Candidates are required to pass the exam for food safety certification by the New York City Department of Health & Hygiene. For more information send an email to

About FSM 22000

Both Z-One and Z-Two Restaurants Achieve FSM 22000 Food Safety CertificationFSM 22000 is a food/quality/safety certification that requires the restaurant to meet the statutory and regulatory requirements. It is the only food safety management system program that consists of local, state, and national oversight set forth by both governmental and private entities. Being FSM 22000 certified ensures patrons that the establishment follows the very highest standards of food safety in the country with complete confidence. FSM 22000 consultants are required to provide fundamental solutions that will improve food safety and service.

Restaurants interested in FSM 22000 food safety certification can submit an application at