Chain restaurants cash in on New Year’s Eve

Chain restaurants cash in on New Year's EveWe’ve all heard the horror stories about doing the Times Square thing on New Year’s Eve—lining up at 3 p.m., standing around for nine hours in 24-degree weather, and yes, wearing adult-sized diapers.

But there’s a secret way to skip the crowds and cold. You just have to be willing to pay big bucks to eat at one of the chain restaurants inside the Times Square “lock-down zone”—like $375 to eat at Applebee’s.

Tomorrow night, the two Applebee’s franchise locations in Times Square are offering a dinner package for that price, which includes a buffet dinner, open bar, deejay, live entertainment, party favors and a midnight Champagne toast.

With a ticket in hand, party-goers can breeze past the security barriers and head to the restaurant at a reasonable 8 p.m., instead of waiting out in the cold.

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