Chef Dennis Chan Wins Southern Hearts with Hip Asian Comfort Food

Executive Chef Dennis Chan wins hearty appetites by marrying bold Asian flavors with traditional southern dishes at his award-winning sleek and modern restaurant called Blue Bamboo. This top Asian Restaurant destination is celebrating its 6th anniversary, has a polished professional staff and uses only the finest ingredients and mouth-watering creations.  

A course tasting menu is available from Street Eats/Appetizers, Plates/ Main Dinner and even homemade ice creams – all of which are truly exceptional. Notable crowd pleasers are Red Curry Shrimp and Grits, Panko Fried Tomatoes, Peachy Southern Chicken and Waffles, and BBQ Duck Wonton Crisps that are elegantly presented and simply scrumptious. Blue Bamboo’s Hip Asian menu is a favorite among locals, tourists, government officials, renowned Asian chef Ming Tsai and NBA All-Star David Robinson.

“… If you’re craving a more modern take on the standards – with recipes like Red Curry Shrimp and Grits and Chile Noodle Salad Forks, Dennis’s take on East-West food is all about keeping what is great about Asian flavors and ingredients and giving them new life …” – Ming Tsai, Chef / Owner Blue Ginger & Host / Producer of “Simply Ming”

“I’ve known Dennis Chan for years, and he never ceases to amaze me with the creativity and wonderful taste of his food. Dennis is an amazing chef!” – David Robinson, Hall of Famer, NBA All-Star and Champion

“A great restaurant! The staff is very attentive, and the chef/owner checks in with guest during the meal. An excellent place to take anyone that enjoys food that tastes of first quality. This restaurant is not to be missed if you are visiting Jacksonville.” – review

Chef Dennis Chan cherishes both his family’s food-centric culture and spirit of ingenuity. He has preserved his family heritage by honoring them with recipes handed down for generations and made them contemporary and delicious. This accomplishment is the result of many years of study – independent and academic, first in his grandfather’s kitchen as a child; at the University of Florida; and then at the Culinary Institute of America. Dennis has the distinction of being the first to intern at Ming Tsai’s Blue Ginger restaurant. Through much discovery, determination, and love, Chef Dennis Chan has brought to those that frequent his restaurant uniquely warm and non-fussy experiences in his award-winning cookbook entitled Hip Asian Comfort Food. He hopes that patrons will “discover that food does not have to be complicated to be satisfying to the soul.”

His best-kept secrets are revealed in sold-out monthly cooking classes. Whether it is a country of the month cooking class, or taking class field trips to find the best ingredients; an up-close and personal cooking journey at Blue Bamboo has begun. Presenting a new theme every month, Chef Dennis Chan delights his students with anecdotes from his days as a Culinary Institute of America student, and shares the science behind the cooking.

This acclaimed chef also appears at cooking studios, charity events, and has been featured in magazines, and is a local television personality. Winning Cookbook of the Year in 2009 with Hip Asian Comfort Food, he is continually inspired to present patrons with more options.

Plans are on the way for a contemporary Southern cookbook, Blue Bamboo catering venues, expanded business and special event catering menus, and a new line of Hip Asian cooking utensils. But the biggest prize for Chef Dennis Chan is seeing returning customers and winning new hearts with his unique Hip Asian menu by embracing relationships with food, family and friends.