Chuck E. Cheese's and Purell Team Up to Combat Germs with New Sanitation StationsFor parents, the chill in the air during the winter season brings visions of the kids building snowmen in the front yard, finding flat surfaces to sit on as they slide down a snowy hill and bundling up in the snow. However, it also brings visions of running noses, coughing and viruses. Keeping kids clean and healthy is a high priority for parents and is a contributing factor to determining where they take their children for activities. With that in mind, Chuck E. Cheese’s has partnered with Purell to provide families with complimentary hand-sanitation stations throughout a majority of the 500 Chuck E. Cheese’s locations.

“Our main goal at Chuck E. Cheese’s is to provide a fun place for families to create lifelong memories and a large part of that is letting family members concentrate on having a great time and not worry about the safety or cleanliness of their environment,” said Richard Huston, EVP, Marketing at CEC Entertainment Inc. “By partnering with Purell and integrating the sanitation stations alongside our already rigorous cleaning requirements, we’re able to keep our focus on providing a fun, safe and clean environment for families and keep parents’ focus on creating positive, lifelong memories with their kids.”

Purell sanitation stations can be found at the entrance to Chuck E. Cheese’s, near the Kid Check station, in most Chuck E. Cheese’s locations. Chuck E. Cheese’s commitment to providing a clean environment for children doesn’t stop at the sanitizers. The nationally-recognized family entertainment leader also maintains stringent cleaning and disinfecting standards throughout each of its locations that include:

  • Game and play-area equipment is wiped down periodically throughout the day and disinfected every evening
  • Restrooms are checked and maintained every 30 minutes
  • Tables are cleaned and disinfected after every use

“Given the nature of Chuck E. Cheese’s, it’s crucial that we maintain a proactive approach to keeping our locations as clean and germ-free as possible,” continued Huston. “It’s that proactive approach that led us to partner with Purell and always has us refining our cleaning and disinfecting standards to better serve all of our guests.”

Guests can find additional details about Chuck E. Cheese’s partnership with Purell as well as other cleaning and disinfecting standards information on the Chuck E. Cheese’s website at