Chuck E. Cheese’s Invites Guests to Jump Into the Spirit of Thanksgiving with Free Personalized ‘Thank You’ Cards

Chuck E. Cheese's Invites Guests to Jump Into the Spirit of Thanksgiving with Free Personalized 'Thank You' CardsChuck E. Cheese’s is giving families a free way to get the kids involved in the spirit of Thanksgiving as well as provide dinner guests with a personalized gift they are sure to treasure for a lifetime. Through Chuck E. Cheese’s free, online “Thank You” cards, families can have their children create personalized cards describing why they are thankful to have each guest or family member in their lives. Not only can children have fun coloring and filling out each guest’s card, but they get to experience what Thanksgiving is really about as well as reflect on the true value of family and friends.

Guests can use the personalized “Thank You” cards as placeholders at the dinner table or as a parting gift for guests to enjoy on their way home. Creating the cards is quick, easy and, like all Chuck E. Cheese’s activities, is something the whole family can enjoy.

How to Create Personalized “Thank You” Cards from Chuck E. Cheese’s:

Step 1 – Using any Internet browser, go to and print out a card for each guest. You will need a compatible PDF reader.

Step 2 – Have your children personalize the cards with the guests’ names as well as why they are thankful to have them in their lives.

Step 3 – Let the kids have fun personalizing the cards even more! You can make it an arts and crafts activity by incorporating all kinds of coloring utensils as well as glitter, stamps and rhinestones to let your children’s unique personalities really come through.

Step 4 – When they’re finished, let them dry out, and give any of the cards with glitter or sprinkles a good shake over the trash can to make sure nothing comes off on the dinner table. Then, decide the best way to surprise all of your Thanksgiving guests with the cards. You can set them on the table as placeholders, have the kids present them to guests as they are entering/leaving or have the kids read each card aloud to the dinner guests. The possibilities are endless.

Following these quick and easy steps, families across America can help their children understand the true meaning of Thanksgiving while also showing their love and appreciation for their family and friends. As a national leader in family entertainment for more than 30 years, Chuck E. Cheese’s believes in creating these positive, lifelong memories for families inside and outside of all of its locations.

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