Church's Chicken Beat Popeyes in a National Spicy Chicken Taste TestChurch’s Chicken announced today that its renowned Spicy Chicken won a national, independent Spicy Chicken taste test against Popeyes Spicy Chicken. The QSR chain celebrated in its birthplace of San Antonio, Texas at an event with hundreds of Church’s Chicken fans and all its corporate and field employees who flew in to commemorate the big win.

Hosting the event today was Hulk Hogan, a huge fan of Church’s Chicken who knows all about competition and winning big. Crowds gathered early in the heart of San Antonio at the historic Main Plaza to wait for the big announcement and indulged in the free lunch of Church’s winning Spicy Chicken. Hogan presided over the festivities that looked like a political rally with hundreds of fans holding placards that read CHURCH’S BEAT POPEYES IN A NATIONAL SPICY CHICKEN TASTE TEST. He also led the crowd in a huge celebration chicken dance and cheer.

“I’ve been a fan of Church’s for a long time,” said Hulk Hogan, of TNA Wrestling. “And beating the competition is always fun. My fans and Church’s fans won big today too. Church’s treated everyone to a free lunch. I’ve never seen so much Spicy Chicken and biscuits in one place!”

Church’s is sharing its winning news with its first national advertising campaign in ten years. The campaign makes its debut starting today on network, national cable, syndicated programming and in local markets.

The campaign stars the brand’s recurring two characters – restaurant team member Doug, the Chicken Genius and his Manager. They are seen in an RV wrapped with signage — Church’s Beat Popeyes in a National Spicy Chicken Taste Test — traveling around the country and getting the attention of Church’s fans. The :15 and :30 second television and radio spots, in both English and Spanish tout the winning news in a fun and engaging manner. The campaign will also be supported by direct mail and outdoor billboards.

“This will be the first time for many people coast-to-coast to see our advertising campaign and learn more about Church’s winning Spicy Chicken,” said CEO and president Mel Deane. “Taste buds don’t lie. The participants in the taste test preferred Church’s Spicy Chicken to Popeyes Spicy Chicken. The heat is on to continue to win over all the Spicy Chicken fans out there who crave great taste and low prices.”

In addition, the RV made its first real stop in San Antonio where Church’s leadership team delivered Church’s Chicken meals to several local shelters in need of support. The RV will be traveling to cities across the country with Church’s Chief Chicken Officer Kirk Waisner to celebrate the brand’s success, share the winning news and deliver meals to shelters.

“We have extremely loyal Spicy Chicken fans at Church’s,” said Kirk Waisner, Church’s Chief Chicken Officer. “Our Spicy chicken is marinated for twelve hours and has the perfect balance of heat and flavor. Winning this national taste test only confirmed what all of us at Church’s Chicken already knew and now America does too.”