Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ Receives Award for Top 30 Most Reputable Companies of 2020

(RestaurantNews.comCrave Hot Dogs and BBQ Receives Award for Top 30 Most Reputable Companies of 2020)  The year 2020 has been quite interesting to say the least. Like all restaurants in the industry, it has been a challenge to keep up with consumer demands and changing trends. When the pandemic initially hit, Crave was already prepared with delivery, take out, curbside pickup, catering and more. Crave also has an app available through IOS and Android, where customers can receive alerts on promotions, discounts, specials, loyalty points and rewards.

Crave prides itself in its development processes for franchisees and its operational practices for its customers. When a franchisee decides to join the Crave family, they are guided through the entire process. You are in business for yourself but not by yourself- says Crave co-founder Sal Rincione. The franchisee receives assistance with everything from securing an SBA loan, finding the right location, building out the restaurant, and training as well as support when first opening. “It’s extremely important that we can not only build our franchisees a beautiful restaurant, but also be able to support them through those first opening months to ensure the smooth transition.” Samantha Rincione CEO and co- founder.

Once a location is open for business, they receive weekly and quarterly support and program assistance. Craves director of operations is always available for assistance and further training. Yearly, the brand also offers training to all franchisees to brush up on newer menu items or operational areas they would like to improve on.

Crave also will send out Monthly Limited Time offers. This month was Oktoberfest as well as National Sausage month. Many times, that limited time offer item will be a franchisee idea, or even wind up being put on the menu permanently due to its popularity.

All of the above items are what ultimately led to Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ being awarded by Silicone Review, Top 30 Reputable Companies of 2020. You can view their link for the full article and interview with CEO Samantha Rincione.

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