Denny’s social-network plan may not be fully cooked

If you’ve been to a Denny’s restaurant recently, you may have noticed that on the bottom of the back page of the dinner menu, the company invites you to “Join the conversation!” by, among other things, visiting it on Twitter at

There’s just one problem: that Twitter account is owned by a Taiwanese man named Dennys Hsieh, and of the 272 tweets he’s posted–the last of which was on July 19, 2009–none appear to have anything to do with the ubiquitous always-open restaurants with the yellow signs visible from freeways throughout America.

According to Alan Miller, the co-owner of Filter Creative Group, which manages Denny’s social-media initiatives, the menu snafu was a simple misprint. Indeed, Miller said, Denny’s is fully involved on Twitter, keeping two separate accounts,–for its late night customers–and–for early birds–flowing with all kinds of promotions, information about the company’s restaurants and feedback for customers.

And, Miller said, the restaurants’ breakfast and late-night menus aren’t marred by featuring the wrong Twitter ID.

Still, there’s little doubt that this is the kind of social-media error that’s bound to get the word “fail” bouncing around, especially since the erroneous menus first were put into Denny’s more than 1,500 locations last October, and the company has done nothing customers can see to fix the problem.

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