Dining: Chains grab ahold of 24-hour eating trend

We eat what we want, when we want. No more of this breakfast, lunch and dinner stuff. We snack all day. We casually skip meals. And we want to customize everything we cram into our mouths.

It’s as if our social-media habits are going right to our stomachs.

A culture hungry to put its personal stamp on everything it touches is driving some foodmakers and restaurant operators bonkers. At the same time, it’s offering all kinds of opportunities to those willing to sprint ahead of the food curve. Nowhere is this trend more palpable than with Millennials.

“Eating weird is the new normal,” said Shawn LaPean, executive director of Cal Dining at the University of California-Berkeley, which serves students 30,000 times daily. “If students eat any square meals per day, it might be one. The rest is filled with snacks and food on the go.”

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