Dot It Announces New SecureIt Tamper-Resistant Labels for Food Delivery Packaging

Dot It Announces New SecureIt Tamper-Resistant Labels for Food Delivery Packaging

Dot It Helps Prevent Food Tampering with New Labels

Dot It Announces New SecureIt Tamper-Resistant Labels for Food Delivery PackagingArlington, TX  (  Dot It Restaurant Fulfillment announces the launch of SecureIt™ tamper-resistant labels to its product offerings. These specialty food packaging labels have a strong adhesive backing that adhere to most to-go boxes and bags and is designed with security slits that will separate into pieces if tampered with. As the popularity of food delivery services continue to rise, SecureIt™ tamper-resistant labels offer a premium, cost-effective solution for businesses to protect their food and offer customers peace of mind their food has gone untouched.

SecureIt™ tamper-resistant labels are designed to increase safety in delivery and catering while ensuring customers that their orders are uncontaminated. With hidden security slits, the labels show apparent damage upon opening — making it easy for customers to spot tampered items in comparison to products that use traditional labels, which are easy to peel and replace after tampering without damage to the label.

In addition to protecting consumers and businesses from food tampering, the SecureIt™ tamper-resistant labels are available for customized branding that incorporates logos and company colors — which helps integrate the safety feature seamlessly into a company branding strategy. For a quote on custom SecureIt™ labels, simply email

Dot It President, Gary Cooper states, “We are excited to now offer SecureIt™ tamper-resistant labels as part of our food safety and packaging solutions. Dot It’s goal is to help restaurants effectively enter the food delivery space with confidence and peace of mind for food safety.”

SecureIt™ tamper-resistant labels are available for immediate purchase on

To learn more about Dot It’s product offerings or to request more information regarding SecureIt™ tamper-resistant labels or other label offerings, visit or call 800-642-3687.

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