Employer unfairly targeted say A&W staff

Recent allegations of poor treatment of temporary foreign workers by their employer are unfounded and hurting remaining staff and business say a group of A&W employees.

Four of the restaurant’s current employees defended owner Satnam Gill, who is being investigated by the Provincial government and the A&W chain following claims by three workers they were mistreated.

One of the staff asked her name be withheld, but three others spoke out against Gill’s accusers.

Jaclyn Slapinski, Kurtis Glasier and Josephine Gill (who is not related to the owners) said they all worked with the three temporary foreign workers and didn’t witness any mistreatment or verbal abuse.

“Everybody was treated the same,” said Slapinski.

She said Sara Ramnath, who claimed she was unfairly fired by Gill, praised her boss in the past.

“Sara told me how wonderful the Gills were,” Slapinski said.

They said all of the foreign temporary workers received special treatment from the Gills. When they arrived the Gills provided them with blankets, took them grocery shopping, to the doctor and paid for a dental plan for the workers.

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