Fazoli’s Debuts New Design, Table Service in Omaha

Fazoli's Debuts New Design, Table Service in OmahaFazoli’s has been serving up hot Italian food for over twenty years. The restaurant found a happy customer base with its quick serve Italian food, the first of its kind to appear in the United States. The winning combination of great tasting Italian food, fast service and affordable prices was a catalyst for potential growth. One Fazoli’s location quickly became four, and in a few short years, the number of restaurants grew significantly to 28. With franchise opportunities, the idea quickly spread throughout the United States.

Five Fazoli’s locations in Omaha, Nebraska have been hard at work this Spring redesigning the interior of the restaurants and adding something new to the traditional Fazoli’s menu. These five locations will be offering table service as part of Fazoli’s new Expanded Service Program.

With the Expanded Service Program, customers will no longer have to return to the counter to pick up their tasty food themselves. There will be a more traditional restaurant style service where the food is brought to the table by a server. Meals will no longer be served on Styrofoam plates and eaten with plastic silverware. Food will now be served on traditional plates with traditional silverware.

Getting the whole family together for a meal can be difficult for busy families, especially when you have to get your own refills, bread sticks and food. Fazoli’s is giving its customers the chance to eat a nice family meal with no interruptions and full service. They understand the value that this will bring to its customers.

Fazoli’s has also improved the taste of their signature foods, as well as added several new items to the menu that will please even the most distinguished palette. Fazoli’s is open seven days a week. Sunday through Thursday dining is available from 10:30 A.M. until 10:00 P.M. and on Friday and Saturday, dining is available until 11:00 P.M.