Food truck debate still rolling

Should the city allow food trucks in Asheville’s central business district? The question has turned into a fiery debate, with fierce opinions on both sides. After nearly a year of intense discussion, food-truck vendors are still at odds with many downtown stakeholders — though it’s beginning to look like food trucks will happen downtown, it’s just a matter of when. The debate has turned ever more heated as vendors watch another summer tourist season start to slip away.

Meanwhile, the Asheville Downtown Commission is working to decide what it thinks is best: to undo or preserve a 25-year-old policy banning food trucks in Asheville’s central business district. A recent survey of more than 650 people showed about 75 percent in favor of the idea of food trucks downtown, according to data presented at a recent Asheville Downtown Association meeting.

Still, it’s a complicated matter that’s the talk of the food town at the moment. Here, an attempt to answer some of the questions.

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