FoodChing Food Delivery Service OPENS 100+ Markets 1st Month

FoodChing Food Delivery Service OPENS 100+ Markets 1st Month

Louisville, KY  (RestaurantNews.comFoodChing co-founders Greg George, Dennis McKinley and company CEO Michael Bennet announce the opening of 100 plus markets their first month of operations. The company offers food and drink delivery service to all U.S. restaurants free of charge.

With the restaurant industry changing daily and the explosive food delivery business at an all time high FoodChing has plans to scale quicker with locally owned and operated entities. The company is poised for massive growth and to take its position as a market leader that provides the free service to restaurants and also saving consumers money.The company is rapidly expanding via franchising.

Rather than compete with bigger names, however, FoodChing has created its own niche in the ever growing food and drink delivery space.

FoodChing Food Delivery Service OPENS 100+ Markets 1st Month

FoodChing is more selective than other food delivery apps in terms of restaurants it features, drivers, and locations. It is only currently available in over 100 markets but expanding monthly with local owner/operators. The restaurants FoodChing features are ones that want to expand their reach in their markets and not have any cost associated with offering delivery services.

The commission cost for restaurants are ZERO. The fees for customers are mid-range, about the same or less as any other delivery app in the market.

The FoodChing app is easy to use, with GPS tracking on orders and an accessible customer service line. FoodChing is affiliated with Stripe to process each transaction at a lower fee and connects directly to this system when sending orders to restaurants so the service is seamless.

FoodChing offers a win-win opportunity for both consumers and restaurants to save money. Each market is independently owned and operated by a local group so they will always be there to service each and every customer from consumer to restauranteur.

FoodChing Food Delivery Service OPENS 100+ Markets 1st Month

About FoodChing

Founded in Atlanta, NC in 2020.  FoodChing was founded by Dennis McKinley, Greg George with over 40 years combined experience in owning franchises, operating as franchisor and building regional and national brands via franchising. FoodChing’s main focus is on offering food and drink delivery services free to restaurants and also save consumers money.  For more information, please visit

Greg George
Co-Founder/Director of Scale