Foodservice Training Portal Forges Partnership with the International Nightlife Association to Offer Online Active Shooter Training

Foodservice Training Portal Forges Partnership with the International Nightlife Association to Offer Online Active Shooter Training

Nightlife Association to Promote Safety and Security Training to its Members

Foodservice Training Portal Forges Partnership with the International Nightlife Association to Offer Online Active Shooter TrainingRaleigh, NC  (  Foodservice Training Portal and the International Nightlife Association today announced a partnership that will provide e-Learning solutions to the Nightlife Association’s participating member dance clubs, bars, taverns and nightclubs. Foodservice Training Portal provides cloud-based staff employee education solutions for the foodservice, hospitality and retail beverage industries. The Nightlife Association serves International Nightlife Professionals as the leading source for news, trends, tools, resources, and strategies to maximize benefits, increase revenues, address challenges, launch marketing programs, and develop employment opportunities.

Incidents of shootings and the prevalence of active shooters in North America are increasing at an alarming rate. In 2015 alone, 367 fatalities and 1317 injuries were attributed to mass gun violence. (Source: Gun Violence Archive) Incidents at soft targets have increased steadily over the last fifteen years- more than doubling in the last seven years. Most relevant to the foodservice and hospitality industry is that 70% of these incidents have occurred in business or educational environments. Businesses, therefore, should engage in active prevention and response activities to ensure minimum injury and loss of life.

Active Shooter Prep Online™ is an interactive and comprehensive online tool that educates employees in the latest active shooter procedures and protocols aligning with the guidelines and directives established by FEMA, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. Employees learn about the motives and execution of active shooter incidents as well as how to prepare for, prevent and respond to such events.

This partnership will provide access to restaurant active shooter training for the nightclub industry and serve as a meaningful step in crisis prevention and risk mitigation.  By educating industry staff, the goals are to lessen, thwart or altogether prevent the consequences of future active shooter incidents.

“Forward-thinking companies are beginning to understand that active shooter training is as essential as food safety training,” said Eric Webster, Managing Director of Foodservice Training Portal. “Though foodborne illness outbreaks are rare, we train and attempt to prevent them because they are detrimental and possibly deadly.  Foodservice and hospitality operators must now prepare for active shooter events in much the same way.”

Additionally, the Nightlife Association will also offer the following Foodservice Training Portal sales and service courses to its members: Intro to Wine™, providing employees with the essential knowledge they need to sell and serve wine to customers, Intro to Beer & Spirits™, a beverage onboarding solution for new team members to learn about the sales and service of beer, liquor and mixed drinks, and Foodservice eStart™, restaurant/hospitality customer service training that equips staff with the knowledge, language & problem-solving skills they need to effectively and respectfully serve customers.

Nightlife Association members purchasing Foodservice Training Portal courseware will receive a 10% discount of off the regular price.

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