Foodservice Training Portal Introduces University Platform Designed Specifically for Independent Restaurants

Foodservice Training Portal Introduces University Platform Designed Specifically for Independent Restaurants

Foodservice Success University to help operators increase employee knowledge and shrink training costs

Foodservice Training Portal Introduces University Platform Designed Specifically for Independent RestaurantsRaleigh, NC  (  Foodservice Training Portal, a leading provider of cloud-based learning for foodservice, hospitality and retail operators is pleased to introduce the Foodservice Success University offering. This offering functions as a ‘living catalog’ of access to Foodservice Training Portal’s full portfolio of restaurant-focused content in the areas of sales & service and safety & security.

Foodservice Training Portal works with thousands of foodservice and hospitality businesses across the U.S. and abroad. By combining insights from those engagements, and with deep industry expertise from our technology and distribution partners, Foodservice Success University will help restaurant operators better harness their employee learning to improve sales and the overall customer experience. Delivered as an ongoing service to strengthen preparation and response behaviors, the platform will also help reduce overall business liability.

Foodservice Success University uses a ‘Netflix-style approach’ allowing restauranteurs to utilize all included courses if needed or access only the content that is relevant to their operation. The course catalog is currently populated with nine courses and will be updated as Foodservice Training Portal releases new modules to the market.  The company currently plans to launch its foodservice and hospitality-focused sexual harassment course in January 2018 as well as a back of house-focused cost control and waste management course in May 2018. All training is delivered via the company’s robust restaurant LMS that allows operators to evaluate and track employee results efficiently from one online destination.

“Foodservice Success University was designed in collaboration with our clients and intended to dramatically improve traditional training models using a broader range of products and increased flexibility. This strategy represents innovation in our approach to growth and is a testament to the reality that every foodservice operator needs to integrate technology in order to onboard a new generation of employees,” noted Eric Webster, Managing Director of Foodservice Training Portal.  “We understand that the independent operator does not typically have the training budget to invest in multiple a la carte education applications as well as a restaurant LMS to satisfy all of their instructional needs. They don’t want to juggle costs, delivery methods, logins and points of contact at various training providers. What we’ve done with Foodservice Success University is increase the value proposition by consolidating the delivery, lowering the cost and increasing the overall access to content.”

Foodservice Success University represents another important expansion of Foodservice Training Portal’s product offerings for the foodservice, hospitality and retail sectors. This specialized University platform provides the opportunity to introduce to these markets a unique business model unlike any other- one subscription to a diversified content catalog with unlimited restaurant LMS access.

Foodservice Success University is available for $99/month per location for one year for up to 100 students. When purchased through Foodservice Training Portal’s food distribution partner, further discounts will apply.

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