Foodservice Training Portal rolls out Cost Control eStart to target lost profits due to unchecked food costs and food waste

Foodservice Training Portal rolls out Cost Control eStart to target lost profits due to unchecked food costs and food waste

New Portion Control & Food Waste Training to Boost Employee Knowledge and Engagement

Foodservice Training Portal rolls out Cost Control eStart to target lost profits due to unchecked food costs and food wasteRaleigh, NC  (  Foodservice Training Portal, a leading provider of cloud-based learning tools for foodservice, hospitality, grocery, retail and institutional feeders announces the release of Cost Control eStart™, a comprehensive online training tool to educate about controlling food costs through portion control, limiting food waste, inventory management and quality assessment. The course is designed to educate both managerial and crew level staff- a foodservice operation’s front line in the battle against razor-thin food cost margins and potential food waste.

Cost Control eStart™ was created as Foodservice Training Portal clients indicated an online solution for training in the content area of portion control and food waste was not readily available. This gap- between increasing food costs and kitchen employees who are unaware of basic food waste and portion control tenets- required actionable employee education. Cost Control eStart™ can now serve as the missing link in the chain between food costs and the employees who are the hands-on executors of an operation’s day-to-day activities. Students are provided straight-forward and concise job-specific information that allows them to see the real world impact of their actions- whether positive or negative- and how that affects the operation’s food costs.

Cost Control eStart™ is interactive, engaging and focuses on the following major content areas:

  • Understanding Food Costs,
  • Implementing Portion Control,
  • Monitoring Cost from Purchasing to Service and
  • Managing Food Waste

Previously food cost-related information was provided only to managers in a seminar-type environment- if at all. Now with Cost Control eStart™, operators are able to bring important, yet often overlooked concepts, to top-of-mind across their entire foodhandling staff. The course is already in use by multiple institutional feeders, including university dining programs seeking to change the culture within their organization regarding food waste.

“A course like this should be a significant part of a foodservice operation’s training plan,” noted Eric Webster, Managing Director of Foodservice Training Portal. “If you are not willing to invest in employee training related to food cost and food waste, then you cannot turn around and question your food cost percentage or complain about lost profits.  As an owner, you have to lay out expectations, establish best practices and proper standards and then ask your employees to meet and exceed them. Cost Control eStart™ allows foodservice and hospitality operations to do that easily and consistently. This course should serve as a baseline education for any foodhandling employee.”

Cost Control eStart™ was publically launched on 3/1/19 and can be utilized as a standalone course or as part of Foodservice Training Portal’s comprehensive Foodservice Success University offering.  For more information, to request a demo or purchase Cost Control eStart™, visit:

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