Franchise Genies owners bet on Virtual Food Brands

Franchise Genies owners bet on Virtual Food Brands

Atlanta, GA  (RestaurantNews.comFranchise Genies co-founders Dennis McKinley and Greg George already operate seven national food franchise companies and a food and drink delivery franchise. The last piece though is their four virtual food brands. Offering virtual brands allows their existing franchise partners and other entrepreneurs the opportunity to create additional revenue streams out of their existing location or easily available ghost kitchens all over the country.

Franchise Genies owners bet on Virtual Food Brands

The company is poised for massive growth due continued fears by consumers of eating out at restaurants.

The virtual brands food is prepared out of either a ghost kitchen or an existing restaurant. The company will market the brands online to consumers online for delivery only. Franchise Genies also operates FoodChing a national food and drink delivery franchise so most orders will be delivered via FoodChing.


  • Good Morning Breakfast Bar
  • Egg Foo Taco
  • Fishy Express
  • Ain’t No Thang But A Chicken Wang


Company officials are poised for continued growth not only for virtual business but also their brick and mortar brands Healthy James, Cru Hemp Lounge, Original Hot Dog Factory and Carolina Hemp Company.

Franchise Genies owners bet on Virtual Food Brands

Co-Founder Dennis McKinley stated, “We have dialed in on brick and mortar, clearly understand the virtual business and even the offer food delivery business. So now along with offering high quality food offerings we put major emphasis on marketing and branding assets for our franchise partners that allows them to create multiple revenue streams out of one facility.”

About Franchise Genies

Founded in Atlanta, GA in 2019, Franchise Genies is a franchise development organization founded by Dennis McKinley and Greg George with over 40 years combined experience in owning franchises, operating as franchisor and building regional and national brands. Franchise Genies areas of expertise include franchise development, real estate, franchise representation, brand building and development of successful franchise businesses.

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