Fraunces Tavern, America’s Most Historic Restaurant, Achieves FSM 22000 Certification

Fraunces Tavern, America's Most Historic Restaurant, Achieves FSM 22000 Certification
Fraunces Tavern owners Eddie Traverse and his wife Dervila, with FSM 22000 Director Don LaBelle

Fraunces Tavern, one of the oldest restaurant’s in the country recognized for meeting the guidelines of FSM 22000 food safety standard

Manhattan, NY  (  Much of the Revolutionary history of the United States revolved around Fraunces Tavern (, a 250 year old New York city landmark. Fraunces was one of the important meeting places of the Sons of Liberty in the pre-war years, and where George Washington said goodbye to his officers. Today, the tavern is once again making history by becoming the city’s first establishment to be officially recognized for FSM 22000 certification, the most robust food safety management standard in the United States.

Even before the United States won a country, Fraunces Tavern was the scene for a number of important meetings by the patriots on the road to independence from Great Britain. When the federal government was established in New York after the Revolutionary War, the tavern was the base for several government agencies. Today the reconstructed building is one of the most cherished taverns and museums ( in the United States often frequented by members of the Sons of the Revolution in the State of New York (SRNY). The tavern serves as a quarterly meeting place for the governing board of ABAC™, the country’s leading independent accreditation body which proudly boasts its own independence from foreign accreditation bodies.

FSM 22000 is designed to help restaurants maintain and improve their food management system by providing a framework to effectively manage a restaurant’s food safety responsibilities. FSM 22000 auditors oversee an establishment’s food management system, ambiance, meal value & quality, service, beverage selection, and the overall “wow” factor, with food safety being the primary focus. FSM 22000 consultants are professionally trained food safety auditors certified by the New York City Department of Health & Hygiene, and overseen by the National Food Safety Council, a signatory of the American Board of Accredited Certifications (ABAC).

In addition to certifying restaurants, delis, bakeries and other food establishments, FSM 22000 is intended for the audit and certification of the food safety system of organizations in the food supply chain that includes manufacturers and distributors of meats, fish, dairy, eggs, poultry, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, baked goods, pasta, flour, seasoning, sugar, canned products, beverages and food packaging material manufacturing.

Restaurants, food manufacturers and distributors interested in FSM 22000 food safety certification can submit an application at

About FSM 22000

Fraunces Tavern, America's Most Historic Restaurant, Achieves FSM 22000 CertificationFSM 22000 is a food/quality/safety certification that requires the restaurant to meet the statutory and regulatory requirements. It is the only food safety management system program that consists of local, state, and national oversight set forth by both governmental and private entities. Being FSM 22000 certified ensures patrons that the establishment follows the very highest standards of food safety in the country with complete confidence. FSM 22000 consultants are required to provide fundamental solutions that will improve food safety and service.

Restaurants interested in FSM 22000 food safety certification can submit an application at