Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill Rolls Out Four New Fall Products

Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill Rolls Out Four New Fall ProductsA Denver-based fast casual restaurant concept specializing in healthy, fresh Mediterranean cuisine, Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill rolls out four new menu items today, including Chicken Tagine soup, Garbanzo Bean Stew, Grilled Portobello Mushrooms and Dolmas.

An authentic Mediterranean recipe, the Chicken Tagine soup is made with Garbanzo’s Chicken Shwarma, along with red onion and sweet potatoes sautéed in Moroccan spices. The Garbanzo Bean Stew, which hits all Garbanzo locations mid October, includes tomatoes, red onion, fennel, garbanzo beans and Mediterranean spices.

The Grilled Portobello Mushrooms, lightly seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil, can adorn any Garbanzo entrée and offer an alternative or flavorful addition to chicken or steak. Grape leaves stuffed with rice, onion, mint and other spices, the Dolmas are imported from the Mediterranean region and provide another authentic addition.

“We always enjoy adding new, traditional Mediterranean items to the menu providing our guests with unique flavors that complement our existing offerings,” explains Alon Mor, Garbanzo founder and CEO. “Our guests have sophisticated palates and are familiar with Mediterranean foods; therefore it is our goal to ensure our menu stays as fresh, original and authentic as they expect it to be.”

Garbanzo offers guests a variety of healthy, high-quality Mediterranean items with an emphasis on flavor, freshness and authenticity, as well as a trans-fat free menu. Guests have the ability to customize every meal with items such as pita, laffa, falafel, shwarma, hummus, seasoned rice, sauces and dressings. All Garbanzo salads and sauces are prepared on-site daily, and the pita are baked fresh on-site throughout the day in every restaurant. Additionally, several ingredients are bought locally and some are imported directly from the Mediterranean region. The menu features simple and easy definitions and descriptions of each item in an effort to make guests feel comfortable trying food that may be new to them.

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