Gourmet burgers sizzle in Lexington

Dallas Rose sits in a UK classroom 15 hours per week. He serves food at P.F. Chang’s 20 hours per week. And he spends 80 hours per week working as the co-owner and operator of Bunk’s Gourmet Burgers and Handcut Fries.

“Sleep is the cousin of death and being broke,” said Rose, a 23-year-old finance senior.

Rose partnered with Ryan Veith, former owner of Pita Pit and co-owner of Bunk’s, to open the restaurant in October 2009, specializing in the American classic: burgers and fries. The pair operates in the kitchen of Two Keys Tavern, but Rose hopes to expand with other Kentucky locations and start a nationwide franchise.

“I went into it thinking that I want to have 200-plus locations,” Rose said. “I don’t think Papa John started his (business) thinking he wanted to serve pizzas at his dad’s bar for the rest of his life.”

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