Granite City Food & Brewery Announces Changes in Board of Directors

Granite City Food & Brewery has announced that its Board of Directors elected Milton D. Avery, Brian K. Gramm and Charles J. Hey to replace Todd W. Hanson, Eugene E. McGowan and Bruce H. Senske, who resigned from the Company’s board on June 18, 2010. The following is information concerning the new directors:

Milton D. Avery. Milton Avery has been co-owner and managing partner of Avery Brothers, LLC, a family-owned commercial and outdoor sign company in Sioux City, Iowa. He also serves as a board member of Mercy Hospital in Sioux City, Iowa.

Brian K. Gramm. Brian Gramm is the President of Milo Belle Consultants, LLC Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a finance and accounting professional services firm. He has also held positions in the finance area with FanBuzz, Inc., a division of ShopNBC, Inc., the Minnesota Wild and Hoff Jewelers.

Charles J. Hey. Charles Hey is the Chairman of the Board of School Bus, Inc., a transportation company. He was a former co-owner of the Jasper State Bank. Mr. Hey and Donald A. Dunham, Jr. are co-owners of DHW Leasing, L.L.C., which beneficially owns 63.4% of Granite City’s outstanding common stock.

Steven J. Wagenheim, Chief Executive Officer of Granite City, commented: “We are very appreciative of the service on the board of Eugene E. McGowan, Bruce H. Senske and Todd W. Hanson, and of their decision to resign now to allow the new directors to come on board in advance of our annual shareholder’s meeting. We look forward to our new directors’ service as Granite City continues to build its brand and solidify its position in the polished casual dining market. Milton Avery and Brian Gramm, who will join the board as independent directors, each offer a wealth of experience in business and I believe possess individual insights that will help the board and management as Granite City continues to build its business.”

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