Hottest New Restaurant Management Tool

Hottest New Restaurant Management Tool

(  A new Restaurant Management Software hits the scene and is turning heads. I know what you may be thinking, another tool, I already have five! Well the short answer is yes! CheddrSuite Restaurant Management Software is a complete management tool that will not only improve your day to day operation but is full of profit increasing functionality. Not to mention you will be able to cancel your other management tools and possibly the best part is that it is only $49.99 a month with no hardware or upfront expenses!

The team of founders are not from the technology industry they are restaurant owners themselves and developed the Restaurant Management Software to address their own needs. They have included web-based staff scheduling, online calendar and event management, employee messaging via email and text, cost reporting, inventory, human resources document vault with training and e-signature functionality, vendor and agency contact management, shift to shift communication with task assignment and all these items are available from anywhere with online access.

Restaurants profitability hinges on two large variable expenses, labor and food costs. CheddrSuite did not leave any management part out of the scheduling and labor functionality. You will get payroll cost history for the same period of the prior year along with last years sales, overtime alerts and a payroll total amount projection for the schedule you have created. One of my favorite features was the ability to complete a schedule and then text and email it out to my entire team. Not to mention that this has become my staffs favorite feature as well. It is a close contender to their love of the ability to post shifts to a trade board and work with their team to get the schedule they want, of course all with final approval of management.

The second largest controllable expense is your food costs. CheddrSuite has industry cost standards set for you to compare your operation against. You can use the reporting tool and get alerts when you food expense rises above what you have set as a cost goal. Find out when you are eating into your profits in time to make adjustments instead of waiting for a month end financial report to show you that the increase in the cost of beef had a huge impact on your bottom line.

You will have to review it yourself to see what parts CheddrSuite Restaurant Management Tool will save you headaches and a ton of money but I would not be surprised to see this tool move to the top of must have items for a successful restaurant.

Laurel Cadena