How to Drive Bar Sales with Technology

How to Drive Bar Sales with Technology

Technology in your bar is more than just fun and convenient…it’s also a great way to increase your sales! Technology can be more inventive than just placing a few televisions in your bar. By using technology like tablet order kiosks, Buzztime BEOND, tablet payments, online coupons, and social media, you can get more customers, keep them in your bar longer, and increase your sales.


Time is money, and how much time could you save if customers could simply order their drinks and food from simple iPad kiosks? When customers don’t have to wait for busy bartenders, they can order more.

Mobile app ordering capabilities.

If you want to make it even easier for your customers to order, consider investing in a mobile app to help customers order drinks and food right from their cell phones. When ordering is this convenient, customers are way likely to order more.

Buzztime BEOND.

With arcade games, card games, poker and trivia, customers who play with the Buzztime BEOND platform will never want to leave your bar! And this, of course, means they’ll order more drinks and food.

Online coupons.

Forget about paper coupons. They’re a pain to use and easy to forget. Encourage customers to come in for a free or discounted appetizer by using digital coupons. As long as customers have their phones, they’ll be able to take advantage of your deals.

Social media.

Don’t forget about social media! It’s one of the best ways to use technology to increase your bar’s sales. You can interact with customers, encourage them to visit your bar, and offer discounts to entice more customers.

Technology can be a great way to attract customers, make them stay at your bar longer, and increase your sales. How do you use technology to increase sales at your bar?

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