It’s Official, Crawfish Season Is Here at Razzoo’s!

It's Official, Crawfish Season Is Here at Razzoo's!

It's Official, Crawfish Season Is Here at Razzoo's!Fort Worth, TX  (  They don’t call Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe®, crawfish experts for nothing. Razzoo’s fans have been patiently waiting for crawfish to arrive and it is officially back at participating locations but be sure to head over quickly because Razzoo’s only provides wholeheartedly fresh crawfish, so quantity is limited.

Customers of the fun eatery that transports you to the French Quarter with every bite you take, can now get crawfish in-store, to-go or through third-party delivery. Razzoo’s is a little obsessive about serving customers big, bold Cajun flavors. And that’s good because this satisfyingly juicy crawfish will make you cry happy Cajun tears. It’s just that good.

“Our customers are crazy about our crawfish quality and flavor,” says Jeff Powell, Razzoo’s Chief Executive Officer. “Guests can choose to play it safe with our regular seasoning or be bold and try the Firemouth™. They can feast with us at the restaurant or take crawfish and a ½ gallon of Hurrycane (our signature cocktail) to go and enjoy Razzoo’s flavors at home.” 

For just $9.99 a pound*, Razzoo’s crawfish is crazy fresh. In fact, their premium supplier guarantees every crawfish is hand-sorted, so only the best arrive live at the restaurant within 24 hours from being caught. Customers can choose to add on two boiled potatoes and an ear of spicy corn for $2.50, andouille sausage link for $3.00, and for the first-time-ever boiled shrimp!

Razzoo’s recommends you add a little spice and go for the Firemouth™ crawfish. Razzoo’s Firemouth™ seasoning takes all the flavors up a few notches for those who need an extra kick.  Firemouth™ is not for the faint of heart, so when you’re fanning your mouth – don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

For more information about Razzoo’s, including menu items and online ordering, visit or find them on DoorDash©.

*Crawfish will not be available at Concord, Corpus Christi or Lubbock locations.

About Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe®

Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe passionately creates bold, flavorful, Cajun-inspired dishes that bring to life all the flavor, fun and festivity of New Orleans and the French Quarter. Founded in Dallas in 1991, Razzoo’s operates 22 restaurants in TX, OK and NC. Razzoo’s is privately owned. Learn more about Razzoo’s by visiting or

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