Jared’s Subway message has longevity

Jared Fogle, who famously lost 245 pounds as a university student on a self-devised meal plan based around eating Subway sandwiches, is one of the least-likely celebrity weight-loss spokespeople to have endured over the past decade.

Now, Subway Canada is looking to replicate Mr. Fogle’s feel-good success story in this country as part of its Commit to Fit marketing platform, which builds upon his original message of shedding pounds by choosing low-calorie, low-fat lunch options at Subway over pizza or hamburgers, and also encourages people to build fitness into their diet plans.

Mr. Fogle, now 34, rose to fame as a perennial everyman in 2000 when he began appearing in ads for the chain explaining his weight-loss story and holding up a pair of his old size-60 jeans.

Subway grew by leaps and bounds during the Jared period and benefited from being one of the first chains selling so-called “healthier for you” menu options at fast-food restaurants.

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