KFC diner told ‘you can’t have bacon in your burger here – we’re now halal’

A UK diner claims he has been stripped of his freedom of choice after a fast food restaurant told him it could only serve him meat prepared in accordance with the Muslim faith.

Alan Phillips said he was surprised when a branch of KFC would not serve him bacon because it was trialling halal meat, which cannot be prepared with other meat.  

He said while everyone had their own religion and beliefs, he wanted the ‘freedom to be able to choose’ his food without offending anyone. 

The Burton-on-Trent branch of KFC is one of 86 of the chain’s restaurants selected to sell nothing other than halal meat during the next few months.

Chosen because of the town’s high Muslim population, the outlet is only using meat from animals killed in accordance with Islamic dietary laws.

Traditionally, this means killing the animal by hand and ensuring it is blessed by the slaughterman.
The new policy caught Mr Phillips by surprise when he asked for a Big Daddy burger only to be told by staff that they did not sell it because it contained bacon.

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