LemonShark Poké Celebrates Grand Opening of NYC Store

LemonShark Poké Celebrates Grand Opening of NYC Store

Rapidly Growing Poké Franchise plans to take a chomp of the Big Apple

Santa Monica, CA  (RestaurantNews.comLemonShark Poké is expanding its national presence with its first New York City restaurant. The “fine-casual” premium poké concept is known for serving top-quality locally sourced ingredients will celebrate with a grand opening on Thursday, April 18th from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm.

The location will be offering buy one get one free Poké bowls; Midtown LemonShark will have giveaways and raffles throughout the day for the grand opening event. You don’t have to wait for the grand opening, the location is open now, come in and feed finely!

Prior to opening LemonShark Poké, franchisee John Salmons was a professional basketball player for more than a decade in the National Basketball Association. Salmons played for a variety of NBA teams including the Philadelphia 76ers, Sacramento Kings, Chicago Bulls, Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto Raptors, and New Orleans Pelicans. After his time in the NBA he met Noel Shu, who is also an investor in the new Midcity location of LemonShark Poké.

Interested in expanding their business portfolios they discovered that poké had great potential. Upon learning about LemonShark Poké, Shu and Salmons knew the concept would fill a void within the New York City area, and they were immediately hooked by its top-notch service, modern style, and corporate support team, especially one that treated their franchisees as partners.

Named after the Lemon Shark who only consumed the very best fish possible, LemonShark Poké prides itself on serving the finest quality ingredients to its guests. In addition to traditional poké offerings, the menu includes shareable appetizers such as tempura shrimp and egg rolls, and its signature Hawaii Katsu menu that features cooked-to-order, delectable entrées including chicken, Alaskan cod and more. In addition, LemonShark Poké’s new location provides New York City locals and tourists alike with an elevated dining experience – featuring Japanese-inspired upscale and chic décor.

“Opening our first Manhattan location is a significant milestone for LemonShark Poké and marks a new chapter in our growth on the eastern seaboard,” said Tobi Miller, CEO and co-founder of LemonShark Poké. “We know this location will be a tremendous success and look forward to becoming a fixture throughout the concrete jungle!”

LemonShark Poké is located at 723 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10017. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For more information, please call 646-799-9957 or visit www.lemonsharkpoke.com.

LemonShark Poké Celebrates Grand Opening of NYC Store

About LemonShark Poké

LemonShark Poké Celebrates Grand Opening of NYC StoreLemonShark Poké is a fast casual, premium poké franchise that serves locally crafted poké. LemonShark’s mission is for sushi lovers and health-conscious consumers who seek a premium product, LemonShark Poké serves only the finest quality ingredients in refined environments for a great value. Unlike other poké concepts, LemonShark Poké provides a combination of extraordinary service, a comprehensive food selection and a tight family community. LemonShark Poké is named after the Lemon Shark, a social species that hunts only on the finest quality of fish. The Lemon Shark looks for healthy, mature fish to prey on. Inspired by the discerning Lemon Shark, LemonShark Poké creates poké with only the finest line-caught fish available that is certified dolphin, sea turtle and sea mammal safe. LemonShark differs from other poké restaurants in that it offers a premium product and environment. Each location is spacious, inviting customers to sit and enjoy their meal, rather than grab and go.

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