McDonald’s gets a makeover

For the first 19 seconds, the commercial’s stylish set-up suggests any number of possible products. There’s the au courant orange lipstick, strappy fashion booties, the girls’ coiffed, cocked heads as they stare at an art gallery installation, all set to Amanda Blank’s edgy electro track Make It Take It.

But then the mystery is revealed, thanks to a shot of an attractive, smiling female McDonald’s employee, followed by a box of Chicken McNuggets, dipping sauce, fries, the orange lipstick girl licking her fingers – presumably as she polishes off the last crispy morsel – and finally, ba da ba ba ba.

The spot, which was ubiquitous during the 2010 Olympic Games, joins three other recent McDonalds commercials as a mouth-watering exercise in cool.

Lovin’ it? You bet.

The campaign has dovetailed with a move to upscale the fast-food chain’s interior design. In Toronto, a sign reading “Whoa – New Look” signals the transformation of an outpost in the city’s north end. Once an eyesore in shiny plastic, it now boasts soft lighting, sleek faux bois finishes and even a gas fireplace. Yellow steel girders against the multipanelled exterior seem inspired by European architecture.

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