McDonald’s Wants to Know More About You

McDonald's Wants to Know More About You

You know a lot about McDonald’s, but McDonald’s doesn’t know much about you.  At least not yet.

By year’s end, the world’s largest burger chain will roll out nationwide a mobile ordering system that will collect a wealth of data about the habits of customers – everything from what kind of burgers they prefer to how often they swing through the drive-thru.

McDonald’s plans to use the information to customize the way it interacts with diners. Imagine, for example, having the McDonald’s app on your phone suggest a milkshake to go with your twice-weekly Quarter Pounder order.

The ability to collect data on customers is important to McDonald’s, which is trying to reverse a yearslong decline in customer traffic. The move also places the fast-food giant, which lagged behind in the race to introduce new technology like mobile ordering and payment, as a leader among chain restaurant companies in translating customer data into customized service.

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