McD’s CEO: We Have Not Been Affected by Breakfast Competition

McD's CEO: We Have Not Been Affected by Breakfast CompetitionMcDonald’s says it hasn’t been affected by “recent competitors” in the breakfast space, a comment that was an obvious reference to Taco Bell’s recent entrance into the day part.

“We have not seen an impact relative to the most recent competitors that entered the space,” said CEO Don Thompson during the company’s first quarter earnings call today. “It seems every year there’s someone new that is making a run” at breakfast he said, either its close competitors, sandwich shops or “taco shops,” said Mr. Thompson.

The Yum chain launched its biggest menu rollout yet on March 27. McDonald’s is by far the dominant player in breakfast, and morning meals account for an estimated 25% of its U.S. sales.

But while Mr. Thompson’s reaction was cool, McDonald’s isn’t dismissing Taco Bell altogether.

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