Profit Cookers Guarantees 30% Profit to Restaurants

Profit Cookers Guarantees 30% Profit to Restaurants

Virtual Restaurant Brand Company Offers Guarantee to Fulfillment Partners

Profit Cookers Guarantees 30% Profit to RestaurantsNaples, FL  (  Virtual restaurant brands have gained exponential traction and reach since the outset of the pandemic, with existing dine-in restaurants tapping into the virtual brand fulfillment business as a significant additional revenue stream, and ghost kitchens riding high on virtual demand. And that demand continues.

But for restaurants and kitchens engaging in production for virtual brands, choosing to be a fulfillment partner with the right virtual brand can be daunting. One such virtual brand company is making that decision a no-brainer. Profit Cookers’ business model for restaurant fulfillment has seen such success that its CEO is making a bold pledge.

“We are providing a guaranteed profit model for all Profit Cookers restaurant fulfillment partners,” says Kirk Mauriello, CEO of Virtual Profit Cookers, LLC, DBA Profit Cookers. “The guarantee is 30% profit of all sales of orders the restaurant partner fulfills on a yearly calendar basis, while still having no long term commitment for the restaurant fulfillment partner in the event they want to exit the agreement for any reason at all. So for every $100 that Profit Cookers sells, we are guaranteeing that $30 is the bottom line profit to the restaurant after deducting food costs.”

Profit Cookers is not a franchise; it is a virtual restaurant company – with no brick-and-mortar dine-in locations – creating brands, menus, and systems for use by restaurant fulfillment partners, who produce the food in their kitchens that is sold via Grubhub, DoorDash, UberEats and other online food delivery platforms. Partners receive orders seamlessly through Profit Cookers’ single-tablet technology and Profit Cookers provides weekly ACH payments directly to the fulfillment partner..

“All of our current partners profits range from 32% to 45%, depending on the market,” Mauriello says.

For more information about becoming a Profit Cookers fulfillment partner or how Profit Cookers can change and expand your restaurant profitability, reach out to Kirk Mauriello at or call 701-314-4849.

Profit Cookers is a virtual restaurant brand company that partners with local, independently owned restaurants across the U.S. Profit Cookers has a selection of more than 30 brands from which restaurant partners choose to fulfill from their kitchens, using a single tablet technology which enables all orders to flow to the restaurant seamlessly.

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Profit Cookers Guarantees 30% Profit to Restaurants