Restaurant News Bites: McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Subway

Restaurant News Bites: McDonald's, Wendy's, SubwayRussia is the hot site for new international expansion, according to fast food chains like Arby’s and Wendy’s. McDonald’s locations in Moscow and other parts of the country routinely bring in more money per location than domestic restaurants do. Russia’s growing middle class enjoys eating meat based dishes that most American fast food chains offer, and there is little native competition.

Wendy’s launched its first free-standing location in Russia on June 23rd and plans to have nearly 200 locations there in 10 years. The flagship store celebrated the grand opening with models dressed up as the Wendy’s icon. The company’s very first entry into the country opened in a food court in Southwestern Moscow on June 14th of 2011.

Subway is now the world’s largest fast food chain and their spokesperson Jared Fogle played a large part in that growth. When he began appearing in commercials in 2000 explaining how he had lost 245 pounds while eating at the chain its popularity grew greatly. The main chain has moved on from this method of advertising, but Subway’s Canada company is looking for a new health conscious spokesperson.

After 26 years of annual Taste of Chicago celebrations residents may assume that they’ve tasted everything the city has to offer. However, a large number of newcomers are joining this year to represent ethnic cuisine from around the world. Each vendor will offer six different dishes, including special healthy choices and small portions for snacking.

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s have both added a new menu item that offers the fresh taste and quality of a dine-in restaurant. The new Hand-Breaded Chicken Fillet Sandwich is breaded and cooked to order. The sister chains are working on improving the quality of their food after their restaurant style Six Dollar Burgers proved so popular.

People who want the fresh ingredients of a produce stand but who are pressed for time and can’t cook will appreciate the success of Always Fresh Neighborhood Market. Cook and co-owner Joel Guldenschuh started out just selling vegetables, but his vegetable soup was so popular that he decided to expand into other lunch and dinner dishes.

WorldWide Papa’s, the company responsible for international locations of Papa John’s, is celebrating the opening of its fifth restaurant in the St. Petersburg area of Russia. In less than a month another restaurant will be open there as well. The area is densely populated and the fifth restaurant’s delivery service covers about 450,000 residents.

Pret A Manger is popular in its home country of England for serving fresh and healthy foods. They recently opened their third location in Chicago. The newest restaurant serves quickly prepared salads, soups and sandwiches. The menu constantly changes as the seasons shift and all dishes focus on seasonal, fresh produce.

Luna Grill, a casual Mediterranean cuisine chain focusing on kabobs, has announced its fifth location in San Diego. The restaurant will open in late July after the final touches are put on the interior. The chain is based in Southern California. New locations in Orange County and other parts of San Diego are currently in development.

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit continues to grow expansively with yet another new location about to open. Queensbury, New York will be the new home of a Texas style barbecue legend. The restaurant is the first for franchisee Reid Grubb who felt that the classic Texas style barbecue was a perfect fit for the New York town.

California Pizza Kitchen is finalizing the development contract for their twelfth location in Mexico. The chain is pursuing international expansion as their innovative California style pizza has proved popular in a number of other countries. The twelfth Mexican restaurant will be built in a two story shopping center with over 130 stores.