Restaurant News Bites: Subway, IHOP, Krispy Kreme

Restaurant News Bites: Subway, IHOP, Krispy KremeSubway’s recent focus in their marketing campaigns has been on capturing the health conscious portion of fast food visitors. This has paid off for the world’s largest quick service chain. Subway now sells 76% of all fast food purchased with health in mind according to research compiled by the research and marketing firm CustomersDNA.

The competition among barbecue restaurants in the Central Florida area is getting heated. Newcomers like 4 Rivers Smokehouse and mobile food trucks are challenging the hold old favorites like Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q. Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, the country’s largest chain, also has a large presence in the region with recent expansion.

Francis Marincola has found a way to spend less time at his Italian restaurant while watching it succeed. He gave away half of his share in ownership to four of his longest and most trust-worthy employees. Giving others the ability to control and feel pride in the success of the restaurant has allowed him to cut back to only 10 hours a week in the restaurant.

DineEquity, parent company of the International House of Pancakes chain, is expanding into the Middle East. A new agreement signed with a partner company in Kuwait will bring new IHOP restaurants to countries like Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Bahrain. 40 restaurants will be added over the next few years.

Effectively managing your restaurant’s shifts will be a major factor in the success of any business. Managers must take personal responsibility for the shift, and they must be the one to set the positive and focused mood for the workers. Shifts must also be properly planned ahead of time or chaos and confusion reins.

Krispy Kreme’s hot, fresh doughnuts covered with sugary glaze have created a devoted following, but no one eats one for the health benefits. However, the 75 year old chain’s menu is about to change. Healthy food options like oatmeal, fresh fruit and juices are all going to be offered at Krispy Kreme locations to expand the chain’s attractiveness to health conscious customers.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, a pizza chain focused on coal-fired ovens and hand tossed crusts, is adding a new restaurant in San Antonio. The chain is over 100 years old but is still expanding in many markets. The unique brick ovens produce crispy, chewy crusts that other chains can’t compete with. The chain is mostly located in Texas and Nevada.

Columbia, South Carolina now has two Krispy Kreme locations to ensure everyone in town has access to hot and fresh doughnuts. The newest location opened on June 21st. The first customer received a year’s worth of free doughnuts for each week, and the next 49 in line will all get one dozen free doughnuts every month of the next year.

CEC Entertainment brought Bruce “Smokey” Swenson on board as the newest Board of Directors member for the company. He is also serving as the managing director for a banking firm at this time. The chain brought him on for his vast experience in the banking and financial industry. CEC Entertainment owns the Chuck E. Cheese chain.

Fazoli’s has undergone serious changes in their menus, store designs and even store layouts. To further the changes a new vice president of franchising has been hired. James Franks has been added to the company. He brings over 22 years of franchising and marketing experience with companies like Red Mango.