Restaurant Vendors Find New Leads for Restaurants Opening Soon

Restaurant Vendors Find New Leads for Restaurants Opening Soon

Restaurant Vendors Find New Leads for Restaurants Opening Soon( has released its latest restaurant openings report, providing restaurant vendors with a sampling of fresh sales and marketing leads that can be found on their website.

Flhip provides regularly updated lead lists, allowing vendors to check for updates at any time.  To see leads in your sales area click here.

Restaurant Vendors Find New Leads for Restaurants Opening Soon

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Pittsburgh, PA – Gaby et Jules Patisseries et Macaron bakery
scheduled for East Liberty this summer Located at 6006 Penn Ave., Gaby et Jules: Café will serve coffee, hot chocolate, French sodas and other drinks along with quiche, sandwiches and the company’s signature pastries and macarons. The 1,000-square-foot shop will have seating so customers can indulge their sweet tooth on-site.

Sacramento, CA – KoJa Kitchen
aiming to open by the end of July. Also inhabiting two floors, KoJa will house a sleek, futuristic-looking lounge downstairs with embedded LED lighting and a glossy white bar, while upstairs will be a fast-casual restaurant slinging signature food items like short rib rice burgers and kamikaze fries.

Houston, TX – B.B. Lemon
4319 Montrose, is shooting for an end of June opening. This will be the second location for the concept from Berg Hospitality Group, right on the heels of the recent news about Benjamin Berg’s collaboration with Chef Robert Del Grande to rebrand Cafe Annie.

Eatontown, NJ – Gargiulo’s
Opening this summer at 720 Tinton Ave. menu will include the traditional, well-loved dishes from Brooklyn, and may include some menu changes to adapt to the new area we are in,” manager Theresa Russo said. “The building we are opening our doors in is an old house with a long history in the area, so we would like to embrace that atmosphere and incorporate an elegant, white table-cloth rustic Italian home.

Williamsport, MD – Chef’s Stash
Opening Late 2019 at 10212 Governor Lane Blvd., The restaurant will offer counter service and share seating with the expanded taproom at Cushwa, which has long since outgrown its original location. The new space will expand the brewery’s barrel capacity and include a brand-new canning line, according to brewer Garrett Chambers.

Saint Paul, MN – Bap and Chicken
The under construction restaurant will serve eight to ten version of bibimbap, including a choose-your-own-adventure build-a-bowl option, plus several sauce options for the fried chicken. The flavors will be a combination of traditional Korean and familiar Midwestern. Gleason, a Korean adoptee who grew up in Minneapolis said, “It’s not a fusion, it’s the food I’m accustomed to. It’s the food of who I am.”

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